5 Pieces I’d Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

Like all of us, I shop Amazon at least weekly for items small and sundry that pop onto my mental list while brushing my teeth, doing the dishes, sitting with my daughter, etc. But I’ve also shopped my fair share of apparel from its various in-house labels. After organizing my closet earlier this season, I realized that a few pieces have proven their mettle more than others—and those are the five I’m sharing below. Everything is stuff I’d recommend to a best friend and buy again if it somehow went missing.

1. This reversible jacket

5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

Daily Ritual Women’s Fashion Quilted Liner

I honestly feel sorry for anyone based in warmer climates that doesn’t get to have a whole jacket and coat wardrobe. The smallest temperature inflections plus factors like wind or rain can have me reaching for a very specific piece of outerwear. The latest to join my arsenal is this reversible style from Amazon brand Daily Ritual.

The weight alone clues you into the fact that it’s not cheap (it slides off the back of my dining room chair if not properly situated; balled up, it would still have to be stuffed into a canvas tote). The boxy cut makes it feel fashion, not fitness. Fuzzy, nubby sherpa fabric, like what’s on the flip side of this reversible style, is a delight this time of year, and most of the other options in my closet tend to feel really sporty.

Worn with either side facing out—wooly fabric or quilted nylon—this new favorite literally goes with anything and everything I’ve pulled it on with, from jeans and sneakers to high-heeled boots and a skirt.

2. This white dress

5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

Women’s Ilana Loose Sleeveless Wide-Hem Poplin Maxi Dress

There’s an over-representation of white dresses in my closet, and this 100 percent cotton piece was amongst those that saw the most action all spring and summer. It’s super simple, with a scoop neckline and single ruffle at the bottom. The roomy shape is comfortable (I wore this before, during, and after my recent pregnancy) and nails the casual vibe I prefer from my LWDs.

The lack of darts, seams, or a banded waist means it’s also perfect for layering. When there’s a lot going on with a garment, construction-wise, it’s a fool’s errand to try and tuck a blouse underneath or a sweater over (it almost always looks rumpled, lumpy, and bumpy). Conversely, the open nature of this find let me wear it over my favorite silky long-sleeve tops and under knits—I’ll be doing a lot of the latter in the next couple of months.

As the final kicker, it’s also lined, which, shockingly, isn’t always the case with dresses from contemporary brands that can cost hundreds of dollars more.

3. This striped shirt

5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

I own way too many (way too many) striped shirts, but it’s a practical addiction in my mind: There’s not a wardrobe situation or need one can’t fix. Along with the heavier options heritage stripe brands tend to have on offer, a good lightweight style like this find is always required. It fills a different role since its softer, more pliable construction is better at being tucked into high-waisted jeans or skirts.

This long-sleeve pick from Amazon Essentials nails it on the size of stripe (thick but not too thick), the shade of blue (more fun than traditional navy, but not too aqua to read as cheap), and the small details (the white collar shows you someone was being thoughtful with the design—it’s a very purposeful choice). I normally buy small but sized up to a medium for just a little extra length in the sleeves and bodice.

4. These midweight sweatpants

5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

Universally, we all came out of peak pandemic with a more in-depth knowledge of sweatpant cuts and weights and an awareness of what we individually needed. I’ve gone high and low in this category and never quite landed on my perfect option until this Daily Ritual pair entered the game.

They’re the absolute perfect weight for starters. I’d go so far as to say I abhor a too-thin pair of sweatpants (think: any that cling to your kneecaps and seem to pill the minute you pull them on). These don’t reveal in that way, nor are they in the beefy fleece category of yore. I also like pockets, a thicker waistband, and banded ankles, all of which are present here. They’re so good in fact, that I’ve had to routinely remind myself that I do, in fact, not need another pair of sweatpants.

5. This stay-put underwear

5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again5 Pieces I'd Buy From Amazon Fashion Again and Again

If thongs were the underwear of choice a decade ago—both personally and in fashionable pop culture at large—there’s been a sea change of women reaching for briefs. New cuts and fabrics have proven that the maligned style can be just as comfy and undetectable under clothes, leading plenty of women to go big. I’ve slowly been weeding out my own lingerie drawer and decided to give this two-pack from Amazon Aware, the retailer’s conscious brand of fashion, beauty, and home essentials, a go.

They’re made of certified organic cotton and crafted in a way that’s carbon neutral, two factors that gave me a feel-good factor when ordering. This classic bikini cut was exactly what I’d hoped for, comfy with jeans and dresses alike. The fabric is soft and has worn well and honestly feels just as nice as the pricier pairs I have tucked alongside them. Altogether it’s a 10/10, buy-again situation.

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