“European and American style” autumn and winter clothing model, handsome and generous very tall, small people can easily control

European and American style dressing, with handsome and generous as the main feature. With a little unruly and ostentatious, writing a more wanton and dashing life. But the European and American style of dressing seems to be only friendly to women with large skeletons, so that some small girls are out of reach.

In fact, even small girls can choose a European and American style outfit that suits them. Let’s share with you a few sets of European and American style autumn and winter outfits, handsome and generous but also very tall, even small girls can easily control.

Mid-length cotton clothing, handsome and casual

The long cotton garment like a quilt directly wraps around the line of the ankle, which is certainly warm and steady. But it is not friendly enough for small people, in the European and American style of dressing, the mid-length cotton clothing is more handsome and casual, especially suitable for small girls.

Medium and long cotton clothing, how to achieve European and American style? Nature is inseparable from handsome elements, whether it is fluffy red and blue color blocking, or cool camouflage element decoration, or gray-green color presentation, all convey handsome and unruly feelings, and perfectly interpret the handsome and cool of European and American styles.

Small girls, although it is easier to control medium-length cotton clothes. But the handsome and cool European and American style still needs the cooperation of other items. Slim little black pants, or handsome cropped jeans, or handsome little leather pants, all have more flamboyant beauty. With sneakers, it is lively and flamboyant, handsome and stylish.

If you feel that a mid-length down jacket with too distinct personality elements is not easy to control, then we can choose a length that covers the crotch without covering the legs, better optimize the figure, and will not expose the shortcomings of small people.

The European and American style of small girls can also be simple and handsome. A black mid-length down jacket, the length of the crotch without covering the legs, with straight straight pants, or tight skinny leg pants, you can outline the straight and straight lines of the legs, tall and thin.

Mid-length plush jacket for a casual atmosphere

European and American style dressing, of course, is not so rigid. The style elements are also more versatile, and some plush jackets that ordinary people dare not try can be seen everywhere in European and American style wear.

A plush jacket is a very warm, but swelling fabric. The original plush coat used animal hair fabric. Although it can now be replaced by eco-friendly hair, the swelling feeling of the plush jacket is still inevitable.

For small girls, choosing a plush jacket must be extra careful. If you don’t wear it well, it will look short and strong, and it will not be so beautiful visually. Therefore, the selection and matching of plush jackets are more important. The mid-length plush jacket will not be too bloated, and it is still more suitable for small people.

How should a mid-length plush jacket be matched? In fact, it can be atmospheric in two directions. The most conventional is a mid-length plush jacket with leggings, creating a loose and tight style, outlining more straight and straight legs, of course, this style is not strong enough in Europe and the United States.

In order to create a European and American style aura and atmosphere, you can choose to use a mid-length plush jacket with wide-legged pants, loose legs, floor-length length, and a straight fit, which can better cover the lack of leg shape, and can also form a vertical ratio of straight up and down, without the possibility of pressing a figure.

Fur all-in-one coat, handsome pulling wind

Fur all-in-one coat, warm, handsome, pulling the wind, but not too bloated. It has long been a must-have item in European and American style wear, and even small people can easily control it.

The fur integrated coat is the use of the workmanship of the fur integrated molding, which is more warm, but it will not be particularly bloated in modern times. Today’s fur coats are also available in a variety of styles. For example, jacket style, motorcycle style, and conventional straight jacket design.

For small people, choosing a fur all-in-one coat, the fit is still very critical. The jacket style is higher, the motorcycle style is more handsome, and the regular straight fit is easier to match. How to choose, or need to refer to your own body shape and temperament.

Although many long fur coats will be more luxurious and expensive, they are not suitable for small people. Small people still try to choose a short fur coat, which has a cool European and American style while not revealing their figure.

For the lower body, it is best to combine slim leather pants, or slim pencil pants, and straight slim jeans. Create a loose and tight style, handsome and pulling. The knight boots in the middle cylinder of the combination will also be more sassy and fashionable, interpreting the European and American styles to the fullest.

Black coat, handsome and windy

The most versatile black coat also occupies its place in European and American style wear. Small girls choose black coats to have a handsome look.

Many times European and American style dressing, will choose some loose large-fit coats. But the too loose fit is not suitable for small girls. It is still recommended that you choose more mid-length shapes, and use the handsomeness of a black coat to create a high-class beauty.

The little girl chooses a black coat, and also needs to refer to some mid-length shapes. The proper waist design has a spirit of shoulder pads, which can create the exquisite and fashionable beauty of a small girl.

Slim coat, handsome and handsome. Against the background of black, it will not look so coquettish. Therefore, it is appropriate to match the mid-length fit, and the double-breasted embellishment is more heroic. In European and American style wear, you can incorporate this metal double-breasted button to enhance the beauty of handsomeness.

The matching of the lower body, or small black pants or straight jeans as the main element, can outline the handsome beauty, with a pair of pointed boots, more handsome.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. These groups of good-looking European and American style outfits look, which group do you think is more beautiful? Regularly share fashion knowledge with everyone, hurry up and pay attention, hurry up and pay attention!

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