Padres’ Jurickson Profar collapses after scary outfield collision with C.J. Abrams, carted off field

August 5, 2022

San Diego Padres 77 CJ Abrams

Padres left fielder Jurickson Profar collapsed as he was trying to walk off the field after a scary collision with rookie shortstop C.J. Abrams and was then placed on a stretcher and driven away on a cart Thursday night.

Profar was transported to UC San Diego Health for further evaluation, the team said. No update was immediately available.

“No tingle or anything in the arms, but what we’re worried the most is probably a concussion at this point,” said manager Bob Melvin, who added that Profar never lost consciousness. “But they’re checking everything out.”

San Diego Padres 10 Jurickson Profar

Profar and Abrams both went after a fly ball hit by Tommy La Stella of the San Francisco Giants into shallow left field in the fifth inning. Abrams made the catch with his back to the infield and his left knee hit Profar in the left jaw as Profar appeared to be positioning himself for a diving catch.

Profar rolled onto his back and was writhing in pain. He was tended to for several minutes and at one point sat up. He attempted to walk off the field, accompanied by trainers, but collapsed just as he got to the infield.

Profar was on the ground for several more minutes, surrounded by the training staff, before a medical cart arrived. He was placed on a stretcher before being driven off on the cart. Profar pumped his right fist to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd and appeared to be smiling.

“It’s awful, but he makes it easier on the fact that he’s smiling. He’s laying there smiling,” Melvin said of Profar. “We get him up but all of a sudden he goes down again. Any time you put somebody on a stretcher like that it’s an awful feeling. But looking at him, the way he is trying to make everybody feel OK about it with a smile on his face, makes you feel a little bit better.”

Abrams remained in the game. The Padres won 2-1 in 10 innings.

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